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Are you unemployed, under-employed or do you have barriers preventing you from employment? Has your place of employment recently down-sized or closed?

JIST: Jobs in Skilled Trades

Watton Employment Services is proud to provide Job Seekers the opportunity to meet with a Jobs in Skilled Trades Specialist! Once you have a trade in mind, we’ll not only make sure you are job search ready and help connect you to the right employers but we will help you create your personal pathway to your desired short- and long-term goals! But wait! It gets better as you can try out over 24 jobs safely and easily using our state-of-the-art virtual reality headsets! 


We can help with funding and training for apprenticeships for both employers and job seekers!

Our experienced staff can help you find an apprenticeship and obtain funding and grants available for the skilled trade you are interested in.

These important sectors are in high demand and we invite you to discover the trade that appeals to you! We also recommend checking out our workshops that will help with a variety of "personal tools" to get you moving.

This program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

Better Jobs Ontario

Better Jobs Ontario is a cost-sharing grant provided on the basis of need, so you may be asked to contribute what you can to your training or education

Better Jobs Ontario provides laid-off workers with:

  • skills training to help them find jobs in high-demand occupations in Ontario
  • financial support to assist in covering cost of retraining

Book an appointment with a Case Manager to determine your eligibility today! They will want to know about your:

  • work history
  • skills
  • interests
  • job search activities

Better Jobs Ontario provides UP TO $28,000 for:

  • tuition
  • books
  • other institutional costs such as manuals or workbooks
  • transportation
  • a basic living allowance to those who qualify

Additional support may be available to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities, dependent care, costs of living away from home or academic upgrading

This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and through the Canada-Ontario Job Fund Agreement.


The W.I.N.D.O.W. program provides Employability Assessments to individuals who have perceived barriers to employment that are not clearly identified.

Is this Program for You?

If you are an Ontario Works recipient and have an employment barrier that affects your ability to obtain and/or maintain employment, this program is for you! You will receive the help you need to develop an appropriate employment action plan that takes into consideration specific limitations or barriers affecting your employability.

Your Assessment May Help:

  • Determine your employment potential
  • Assess your skills and strengths
  • Explore your career choices
  • Establish realistic goals
  • Create strategies to assist with your return to work
  • Identify a disability

If you would like to participate in the W.I.N.D.O.W. program, please speak to your Employment Counsellor or Caseworker about referral arrangements and contact us